"He told us that Quaartheim was somewhere between Australia and 'your mother'. We searched for months. Looking back, it seems ridiculous; at the time, however…" - Agent ?, regarding SwagLord
SwagLord is the Lord of Svaggue, and is one of two leaders of the Quaartheinian Rebel Army. He is also a member of the UNWD, despite being completely unfit for the job; no one quite knows why he's there. He is the bearer of not one, but two Rings of Quaartheim, which strengthen and concentrate his power. Lastly, he is the current owner of The Drunken Swordsman.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

SwagLord has fairly long, black hair, and a heavy beard to accompany it. In Quaartheim, he wears light leather armour with a terribly worn, hooded cloak, along with heavier, steel gauntlets and boots. In Slotham (where he spends most of his time, nowadays) he tends to wear a simple, grey suit.

Personality Edit

Though he can come across as unprofessional and joking at times, he is in fact a fairly serious person. The deeds of his past - though unknown to anyone but his closest friends - haunt him, but at the same time give him reason to redeem himself, which is why he co-founded the Quaartheinian Rebel Army, alongside Tarkus.

Skills/Abilities Edit

His first ring allows him to control a blue, plasma-esque energy, and use it either as a shield or an offensive weapon. This energy in fact stems from animancy, one of the rarest mancies, where the user draws power from the souls of the fallen, manifesting their life-force as an unstoppable wave of energy. It is unknown if SwagLord was an animancer before obtaining the ring.

His second ring enables him to lie incredibly convincingly, meaning he can persuade nearly anyone. Excluding this, he boasts incredible physical strength, able to wield an abnormally large greatsword one-handed in battle, and is a half-decent tactician.

History Edit

Except for his time helping Marcus Gregorovich as his handler, nothing is known about SwagLord's past.

Clients Edit

SwagLord acts as a handler to many hired arms, including but not limited to:

Trivia Edit

  • It is suggested that SwagLord exploited Marcus to some extent, convincing him to assassinate the true 69th agent of the UNWD, so he could fill the position himself.

SwagLord, in his grey suit.