Swbo Bolg is a Zopran general and the sibling of Glog Bolg. They were in charge of the invasion on Sydney, and proved themselves capable of some serious damage. Unlike Glog Bolg, they do not have an instrument, but have twice the sharp.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Swbo Bolg has a pointy green head, with sharp orange parallelogram-shaped cheeks. They have green arms and legs with orange knees and elbows. Their hands and feet are a darker green, and their wrists have grey blade-holsters on them. Their blades are orange.

Their torso has a green and grey pattern on it, with a grey diamond in the middle, and a sort of vest-like design. Like Glog, their eyes are red and triangular, and their mouth has yellow teeth.

Personality Edit

They are shown to be quite serious and dedicated to their destructive duty, but not unarrogant. They are quite bigheaded, like most other Zopran generals, apparently. They are confident in and proud of their power, and they aren't above making jokes and quips of their horrific deeds.

Skills and Abilities Edit

They're, like, really good at stabbing.

Appearances Edit

Their first appearance is in Slug-Man Episode 11, nearing the end of the episode. They survive a firestorm from SCORCH, then stabs Chikin Bob, kills a purple shirt or two, and slashes SCORCH's suit, causing her to lose control and explode.

At the very end of the episode, they leave Sydney in a Zopran Jet, flying over to London to deal with Glog Bolg's mess, not knowing there's no more London to deal with.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name was originally going to be 'Swbo Blof'.
  • They are the first character in a Cai-drawn Colkinom comic to directly, deliberately and visibly kill another character. With blood. Poor purple shirt.