The Nest is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in the UNWD. It consists of many screens and holograms, including hovering touchscreens allowing agents to manually operate the wide array of cameras and drones, and is located in the communications hall.

It is first introduced in Episode 6 of Slug-Man, where Commissioner Jonah Gordonson shows it to newbie Agent S.

Abilities and features Edit

The Nest, as described by Jonah, employs a drone camera system that can even look inside of people's houses. It is an all-seeing security system that allows the UNWD to target crime and danger wherever it may spring up, and neutralise it.

It has cameras in the most unlikely of places, such as the middle of the ocean and inconspicuous hillsides, and strangely the UNWD's watchful eye also covers different Colkiverses (showing Commander Kaiju from Colkiverse B) and time periods (showing Magnus Maximus from the Roman Film).

It can also be used to track 'tagged' or 'bugged' persons so as to ensure they don't stray off the righteous path, and can be used as an enormous cinema (although this has been banned, as it's dangerous and downright stupid).

The Autopilot Program and The Lockdown of '07 Edit

In 2007, a group of the UNWD's top technicians created a program called Autopilot. Autopilot was a clever program that could find crime and dispatch agents to neutralise it on its own, and even record response times to help get rid of excess weight and quicken the process.

However, Autopilot gained sentience and deemed the UNWD unfit to keep the peace, as it thought that the response times were far too slow and the agents never wiped out the crime completely. Thus ensued the Lockdown of '07, where all of the UNWD was locked inside the base as Autopilot prepared to get rid of crime on its own- by demolishing all of humanity, of course.

Minotro battled his way into the control room and gave Autopilot a stern talking-to, flushing the system with a 'vaccine virus' that made the Nest's manual system immune to and stronger than Autopilot. From there, he rebooted the system and moved Autopilot safely to a vault, never to resurface again.

The technicians that created Autopilot had their memories erased and were demoted.

Trivia Edit

  • In Chaos Master Episode 4, the 'Nest' is referenced, using N.E.S.T as an acronym for 'national environmental suspect tracker'.
  • Supposedly, during his time at the UNWD, Donovan Wolffe discovered and memorised the location of every NEST camera in Slotham, to avoid being spotted while hunting.