The Roman Film is a 2014 Welsh sword-and-sorcery historical fantasy film made by Colkinom. The film starred a few actors as fictionalized versions of many historical and mythological characters from Welsh mythology, plus a few wholly original characters, including the Roman Emperor Claudius, Arminius, Gwydion (From the Mabinogion), Gaius (From Arthurian legend), Magnus Maximus (From the Mabinogion and Roman history) and a dragon.
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From left: Arminius, Morien, Iolo and Gaius


The film begins with Gwydion (Also known simply as 'the Old Druid' narrating, explaining directly to the viewer what the story will tell, and introduces the current Main Crew, Gaius, Iolo, Morien and Arminius. The film's story begins then.


This film sets up many of the characters that will be returning in the future Roman Film 2, and all characters in this film are original to Colkinom. Here are all the characters, in no order:

  • Gaius, a druidical apprentice under Gwydion
  • Gwydion, the druid for the village of Wendaron, one of the most powerful magicians ever known
  • Chief Wendaron, the ruler of his village and its peoples, and over the lands surrounding
  • The chieftain's wife, wiser than her husband but no less impatient and predjudiced
  • Morien Wendaron, the chief's son and heir, destined to become a great warrior
  • Iolo, a shepherd in the Wendaron village
  • Chief Gelden, the ruler of the opposing 'mercenary' tribe, with a dislike of Wendaron but no actual quarrel with them until Magnus Maximus's intervention
  • Grey, a ruthless assassin working for the highest bidder, from Gelden's tribe.
  • Rhiannon, another assassin, Gelden's daughter and not a very trustworthy person really
  • Magnus Maximus, centurion over the Roman armies in Britannia, who vied for more power than the emperor allowed him
  • Optio, Maximus's untrusted adviser and the practical organizer of the legions
  • Avarus, a legionnaire in Legio XIV, working unquestionably for Magnus Maximus, but also pretty incompetent and an alcoholic
  • Arminius, a more idealistic moralistic soldier who chooses to desert the army and help the enemy when he realizes Maximus's plan
  • Yolothry, a decurion working for Maximus who questions his orders all to often
  • The Council, a group of seven advisers who tell the centurion what to do all the time. A bunch of old guys with no knowledge of modern politics
  • The Berserker, the strongest warrior in the Wendaron tribe, capable of working himself into inhuman rages on the battlefield. He's also an alcoholic, known for celebrating too wildly after a good victory
  • Gratian Quan, the old Centrurion, Maximus's predecessor, a decent controller of the armies of Britannia, but all too trusting of the soldiers under him. He lead from the front bravely, in comparison to Maximus's laziness
  • Emperor Claudius of Rome, ruler of the civilized world etc, a fairly weak leader who, again, is easily mislead by Maximus.

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There is so much.

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Roman Film II is in the works