The UNWOD, full title Unified World Order Defense, is the polar opposite of the UNWD. UNWOD was created by a group of dastardly despots, millionaire masterminds and cunning criminals who came together to unite for their common goal- ensuring their power and securing more power through ill means.Their principles are summed up and referred to as TAAR- Tyrannical Absolutist Autocratic Rulership, and they are as widely supported and funded, both openly and in secret, by just as many, if not more, individuals and organisations than the UNWD.

Support and operationEdit

Suspected financers are those such as Sir Henry Winford-Sloan, Bill Large and the Mysterious Shadowy Figure, none of whom have been ever charged for reasons such as they control governments or run governments, or are on first name basis with the people who do, and/or are too elusive for the UNWD to get their hands on them.

This group, much like the UNWD is always on the lookout for gaining new and talented members, and like the UNWD have an impressive array of known/highly suspected Agents, and it is likely that they have many, many more that are unheard of. Additionally, they have a system similar to NATO where each member state/organisation provides soldiers, so these people have some serious military and espionage power.

Suspected affiliates, allies/co-operators and agents- Edit

Henry Winford-Sloan, Bill Large, Mysterious Shadowy Figure, EESG, Richard (the animatronic cyborg tiger), Evil Guy, Hammer Dude, Cat Dracula, Lizzie Mark II, Nolan Fowler Senior, Gnomes, Greenfinger, Weedlash, the Steele Lady (not to be confused with the Iron Lady), Draknor, Leprechauns,  Rhino Bob & Turkey Bob, Giant Evil Brain, Giant Evil Spleen, Giant Evil Tonsils, other miscellaneous giant and evil body parts, and pretty much anything else remotely evil and organised such as  hornets.

More Waffle Edit

As said, the members are often hidden or very high-profile, and thus it is difficult for the UNWD to stop them, not to mention they rarely leave evidence behind. This is a massive problem for the UNWD as one of its key morals (despite being an intelligence agency) is to adhere to the people’s wishes and rights and such which means they’ve shot themselves in the foot rather as now they can never find enough evidence to convict most members of UNWOD in a fair trial.  Therefore the UNWOD has still not been shut down, as the only other way to stop it would be to cut its funds and take it down with military action, something which hasn’t happened due to the need for loads of support from various nations which the high-ranking UNWOD members silence pretty well.

Other Info Edit

Suspicion has it that the UNWOD manages to foil the UNWD so successfully so often because it has a mole on the inside. Dark rumours suggest it is the mysterious and secretive agent 002……