"Thanks, Eleka! I feel so lucky to be h-" - Theta, moments before being hospitalised by a sandbag and disqualified.
Theta N. Lucky is a pandimensional being mentioned in Dressed to Kill. They are noted to be extremely unlucky, and while representing the Pandimensional realms in the Miss Iraz Beauty Pageant, they are struck down and injured by a falling sandbag.

They are not visually seen in the comic, only their voice is heard.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Theta's design incorporates various symbols of bad luck. Their flame 'body' is made up of an owl-like pattern (in Navajo culture, an owl flying over a house is considered an omen of bad luck), as well as an upside-down horseshoe. Their hands make up the shape of the number 13, considered unlucky.

Their hair and face is reminiscient of a cat, particularly a black cat, considered bad luck; they have green eyes and what appears to be a permanent shiner.

Personality Edit

Theta's personality is largely unknown, due to their limited screen-time; however, they are plucky, happy-go-lucky and persistent, rarely letting their bad luck get them down. They'll lament their misfortune, but won't let it get in the way of their good time; they're cautious, but not paranoid.

Skills and Abilities Edit

It is unknown if Theta has any special abilities or blessings. They do have the passive ability of a bad luck proximity, but this is more a curse than a blessing. They are remarkably durable.

History Edit

Little is known of Theta. It is known that they participated in the Miss Iraz Beauty Pageant, to represent Pandimensional City, and were subsequently very badly injured when Cassie Cobra shot through a sandbag's rope, causing the heavy sandbag to fall on them.


  • Theta was mentioned in a draft concept for Stella's origin story, under the name of Zeta N. Lucky, and was murdered by Luna after buying 200 lottery tickets.
    • Due to this, it could be argued that Theta isn't simply unlucky, but unlucky and slightly foolish.
  • Their name is a pun on 'unlucky', as in both of their non-canon/semi-canon appearances they have been injured or killed.