The UNified World Defence is an international organization dedicated to the protection of Earth's innocent civilians from crime and villainy. It has its own army and a large team of superpowered or superskilled individuals working for it. It was founded cooperatively by Jonah Gordonson and the MI5 agents Naomi Rogers and Agent ? in the late 90s but has since grown into a well-known extra-governmental peacekeeping organisation.

In 2003, construction began on the UNWD base, giving them a headquarters to work from.

In addition to the numbered agents (see below), there are Purple-Shirt Agents, who are by no means less important, and keep the base running from the inside.

Equipment Edit

The UNWD is known for using:

Vehicles Edit

UNWD logo

The UNWD logo

The UNWD is known for using:

Personnel Edit

UNWD armour

The UNWD consists of:



These are the numbered agents. Most of these are the heads of their field, excel at their posts, or are notable field agents. There are a lot. Here goes, in membership order:

  1. Jonah Gordonson
  2. Agent ?
  3. James Blond
  4. The Wolf (Formerly, resigned)
  5. Blake Morris (Formerly, M.I.A.)
  6. Abigail Duke (Formerly, M.I.A.)
  7. Chaos Master
  8. Agent Snake
  9. Chikin Bob
  10. Elephant Bob
  11. Dr. Eden October
  12. Stella
  13. Moosa (Zero-hours contract)
  14. Bob Robson (Consultant)
  15. Flobnomdob
  16. Mindwipe
  17. a jellyfish
  18. Quinn and Coughlin Quickley
  19. Grav Guy
  20. Erika
  21. Minotro
  22. SCORCH
  23. Sir Catatapuss
  24. Axel 'Devil Dog' Becker
  25. Charles 'Twitch' Taylor (W.I.A)
  26. Jack 'Double Dare' Russo
  27. Banjo Rockin' Horseman
  28. Dr Cassandra Cobra (Honourary consultant)
  29. Mollusc Man
  30. Post Man
  31. Dreamboat
  32. Isaac Wolffe
  33. Agent 47
  34. Bodmonbolf
  35. Fizzy Man
  36. Walter Yang
  37. Green Eye
  38. Sarky
  39. Project Sarcastices (Reserved future space)
  40. Grisha Alkaev
  41. Honsnoch
  42. Aiden Harper (Exclusively Contracted Private Investigator)
  43. Slug-Man
  44. Snail Boy
  45. Sven Lorde (Health Inspector)