Professor Valerie Viper is a member of the Cobra family (she is the mother of Tybalt, Cassandra and Johnny Cobra), and is a widely renowned roboticist and computer genius.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Viper has dark red hair that looks similar to her son Tybalt's. She has a sharp chin and wears dramatically angled cat eye glasses. She wears blue clothing under a purple labcoat with the DY logo.

She wears three red-brown belts across her body, although these may just be UNWD-ordered restraints while she's in their prisons. She wears dark grey boots.

Personality Edit

She is snide, sly and sneaky, and believes in the idea that science isn't about why but why not. Although professional (to a degree) and serious, she is daring and adventurous with her exploits, creating dangerous robots and hacking into high-security systems as a daily warm-up.

Although she is a commanding and mischievously powerful presence, she has a short fuse and has very little patience for do-gooders.

Abilities Edit

She is a skilled robotics engineer, and is a wizard of programming, hacking, coding and (when the time comes for it) piloting enormous death machines into her enemies' faces.

History Edit

She was raised with robots and computers, surrounded by the sciences from a young age. At the age of 17 she went through a dangerous, rebellious phase where she started an all-girls hacking-stealing-vandalising biker gang called The Atomic Wrongs.

The Atomic Wrongs lasted for 10 years, hacking and stealing and vandalising, before Viper decided to go solo, hang up her leather jacket and follow the computing route she'd set out for since she was a child. Her last gift to her gang was hacking into the local police force and FBI's computer systems and completely erasing every detail about the dangerous dames, leaving them clear and faceless.

She became a renowned roboticist, building refined robots and magnificent machinery, but still has that mean streak that makes her projects just the tiniest bit unpredictable.

Trivia Edit

  • She is often distracted by technology and is known to bump into things. She jaywalks notoriously and has been hit by at least 5 cars.
  • One of her hands is a prosthetic. However, since she and Sylvester Cobra designed and created it, it is so realistic that you will never know which one it is until she takes it off and hits you with it.
  • She is currently being kept in the UNWD's high security prison on Sarkham Island, but doesn't mind, as she is working on hacking into the hivemind of the robotic Sarky clones (failed Sarcastices prototypes) and making them her servants.
  • She is noted as having a naturally cruel, suspicious face.