This Empire was never destined for greatness, but it was unexpected when their new allies the Xzorgarvians betrayed and destroyed them.

The Wazzo People Edit

The Wazzoan Empire was populated mainly by the Wazzo People, bird-faced people with slightly hunched backs and oft-colourful plumage. Although majestic, this plumage was not necessarily a good camouflage, so they were easy to pick off.

The Wazzo People were driven to near-extinction by the Xzorgarvian armies, notably Warlord Xzor. They were mostly peaceful, but, sadly, Xzor was not.

They were led by the King of the Wazzoans, known for his colourful blue and yellow feathers and hardiness, who survived for long after his people were exiled or killed. But not that long.

Allies and Enemies Edit

Their most powerful allies were the Xzorgarvians and the Shaji People (their fellow bird-people). However, the Xzorgarvians betrayed them, and the Shaje people's impressive fleets were wiped out by a yet-to-be-confirmed villain, leaving the Wazzoan Empire high and dry and dead.

The Time Lords may have also been enemies of the Wazzoans, along with Xzorgarvians, as the Master seems to strongly dislike them, and the Doctor practically steps over the King's corpse. No tears shed for the feathered friend.

Trivia Edit

  • When the Wazzoan flag is turned sideways, the lettering reads 'zoúme xaná', Greek words meaning 'we live again'.