Wendaron is the village of the tribe ruled by Chief Wendaron. It's located a day's walk from the Segontium Roman camp, surrounded by forest and agricultural land. The Marchlyn valley is also rather close. The village cosists of one main building, the chief's hut, surrounded by many smaller structures, including a banquet hall, an armoury and various farm buildings.



The village was renowned for its weaving industry prior to the events of The Roman Film,  but was no less warlike than Gelden's village. The village, shortly after a brutal win in a battle against the Romans (Resulting in the death of the old centurion, Quan), was razed to the ground by the army led by Magnus Maximus, while he attempted to steal the staff. The chief, his wife, the berserker and all the other residents of the village were massacred but the Main Crew managed to escape, while Gwydion was captured and after tortured.